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Media College (Chương 1 : Âm Thanh) (2) PDF Print E-mail
Written by tuyenphuc   
Thursday, 11 March 2010 15:51
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Media College (Chương 1 : Âm Thanh) (2)
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Phần 2: Liên kết, đấu nối trong âm thanh.

Audio Cables and Connectors

This tutorial explains the different types of audio cable and connectors. We will also look at how to solder the various connectors to the cable, such as XLR to XLR, XLR to RCA and XLR to 1/4" jacks.

First of all we will look at the most common types of audio cable and connectors available:

Audio Cables

There are two main types of audio cable we will look at: Single core / shielded (unbalanced) and One pair / shielded (balanced).

Single Core / Shielded Cable

In a single core / shielded cable, the single core is used for the +ve, or 'hot', and the shield is used for the -ve, or 'cold'.
This type of cable is used for unbalanced audio signals.

Single Core / Shielded Cable

One Pair / Shielded Cable

A one pair / shielded cable has one core as the +ve, and the other core is -ve. The shield is earthed.
This type of cable is used for balanced audio signals

One pair / shielded cable


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